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TEP Hosts Changemaker Showcase at 2nd Annual ATX Hack for Change

TEP had the honor of hosting the Changemaker Showcase at the 2nd Annual ATX Hack for Change on May 31. While the non-profit/developer teams are hard at work hacking, strategizing, designing and coding, 13 organizations presented on their work to effect social + civic change in the Austin community. Tech was at the heart of this conversation.  Here is a brief overview of the organizations who presented:












[freespace] Austin helps create an environment of innovation where the community can come together and utilize unused space for things such as inspiring talks, life classes, dance classes, networking events, art galleries, etc. [freespace] began in San Francisco as a civic hack experiment, to prove “the power that community holds to transform a neighborhood by activating empty space.”

Austin Music People advocates for the brands, bands, and fans that make Austin: The Live Music Capital of the World. Austin Music People encouraged the music community to get involved with the civic engagement in Austin.

GivePulse is a site that engages people from all walks of life with the opportunities to help their community in projects and civic services. GivePulse provides a platform for organizations to find volunteers to help with their community projects.

STEMed Labs increases opportunities for children to have exposure to innovative and experimental science, technology, engineering, and math education programs. STEMed Labs in Austin engages the next generation of STEM professionals about technology growth and development, which in returns creates a stronger and more competitive workforce.UnltdUSA helps seek out, fund, and support start-up social entrepreners to create long-term solutions to some of the world’s toughest social, environmental and civic problems. They have chosen Austin as the next UnltdUSA base because of its social and civic engagement and growth within the city.

EdTech Action engages our community to think through ways in which technology can enhance and promote real learning to positively transform education. EdTech meshes technology and education to inform our teachers and community about way technology can improve the classroom experience.








Darrell Malone, of Trade Wave, is committed to creating stronger local economies worldwide. By leveraging alternative trading and financing models, Trade Wave hopes to empower small businesses to connect with the resources in their communities.

Live Oak Legacies captures and preserves individuals, families, and communities’ stories by conducting intimate, thought-provoking interviews and produces physical and digital media so these stories can be shared forever. The Internet offers an eternal database in which people can listen to the stories and view the documents at their own leisure.
Austin+Social Good unities a dynamic group of community and global leaders to discuss a big topic – the power of innovative thinking and technology to solve our world’s greatest challenges.

EGBI helps equip underrepresented individuals in the Greater Austin area with the educational toolset to establish their own business. EGBI utilizes innovative, high-tech, and bilingual approaches in a business training and incubation setting to enable economic and civic development in underserved communities in the Greater Austin area.

InspireVive has created a way to raise awareness about certain issues or project through social media and volunteering with a reward system of concert tickets. Regina helps engage and educate student at St. Edwards about entrepreneurship and the Austin startup scene.

Build-A-Sign / Philanthropitch helps innovative community supporters to use start-up pitch competitions to raise money and awareness for local non-profits.

Cam Houser, of 3 Day Startup, generates an environment for new student-run companies and build entrepreneurial capabilities in students to create and launch their business idea/plan in 3 day to top-notch entrepreneurs and investors.







This incredible day is the epitome of the positive action that results when technology is leveraged for good. Thanks to high-speed Internet, always-connected mobile devices and the ability to access information 24-7, the private and public sector can enjoy an opportunity like no other time in history.



Take a look at companies like GivePulse and InspireVive, which encourage people to register to volunteer online and instantly couples them to nonprofits and causes. Or EdTech Action, who has been able to gather a new community of educators and tech talent to create solutions around K-12 and higher education. It never would have happened without MeetUp.com, social media and the many online tools that educate and increase awareness of important issues.  Or EGBI, which provides education, equipment and co-working space to small, underserved businesses.  These entrepreneurs can come to EGBI, get online or in a classroom and acquire the skills and insight they need to build a business.

We are so honored to spread the word and shine a light on these efforts and thanks to all of the wonderful partners that contributed to the ATX Hack for Change and the Changemaker’s Showcase. David Waldron and Claire Dunn with St Edward’s University; Kerry O’Connor, CIO for the City of Austin; Keith Casey with Clarify; Chip Rosenthal with OpenAustin and the many volunteers who made it all happen.


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