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SXSW is almost here and Austin still waits for better WiFi

With South by Southwest (SXSW) upon us, it is as apparent as ever that we must continue to emphasize investment in Austin’s technology sector. Despite the progress that’s been made under the leadership of Mayor Adler, there are still significant steps to be taken to ensure that companies are able to invest in the very infrastructure that underlies almost everything in our lives.

TEP Senior Advisor Chelsea Collier notes, “Connectivity is a foundational element to any forward-thinking city’s plans to grow and thrive. For all of its well-deserved number one accolades, Austin continues to fall short on this front.”

Recognizing that a gap still exists is the first step toward fixing it and thankfully, wireless providers are ready to improve network capacity as soon as they are given the go ahead. It is time to give the green light, put processes in place, and ensure that there is a clear path forward so that technology investment can grow unhindered.


Viewpoint: SXSW is almost here and Austin still waits for better WiFi 

There’s no shortage of clichés about the speed contrast between fast-moving tech innovation and the slower pace of government. But when it comes to deploying critical infrastructure to meet the needs of Austin’s residents and visitors, we can’t let bureaucracy stop progress in its tracks. Austin is making major strides here thanks to visionary leadership from Mayor Adler but there is still a gap between the private sector’s desire to invest and the clear path forward.

Read the full article published in the Austin Business Journal.

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