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MedTech Showcase Presenters Announced

We are thrilled to announce the six Texas-based companies that will be a part of the MedTech Showcase in Austin on Tuesday, July 29. This Showcase is part of a larger event, MedTech & The Future of Care, hosted by Seton Healthcare Family and Texans for Economic Progress, designed to explore the innovation taking place in Austin’s new medical district that will have a profound economic effect on our community, especially related to the tech sector. Join us to hear from these incredible companies and learn about the many medtech opportunities unfolding right here in Austin.


Pristine EyeSightPristine has built , the only HIPAA compliant video streaming and telehealth solution optimized for Google Glass. Using Pristine EyeSight, medical professionals can securely share what they’re seeing and hearing live and in 1st person while maintaing use of both hands to any other device anywhere in the world. Pristine’s solutions are being used in ambulances for tele-stroke and tele-trauma consults, tele-surgery consults in the OR, medical education, and tele-scribing, among others. Pristine is the leading healthcare + Google Glass company with deployments in over a dozen medical institutions. Pristine is based out of downtown Austin, TX.

Accordion Health Inc.Accordion Health’s product is the world’s first mobile-centric healthcare financial management engine. It will present an elegantly curated user interface to manage, plan and understand each individual’s healthcare expenditures, both currently and forecasted into the future. Our application helps users make financial sounds decisions about their healthcare options, gain more information about both providers and payers within the healthcare ecosystem. We use a combination of sophisticated data mining and machine learning algorithms which personalize our answers for each patient’s particular condition and healthcare history. Our team includes PhDs in data mining from the University of Texas Austin working together with physicians in translating these algorithms into information that is easy for customers to understand about their healthcare options and their associated out-of-pocket costs.

 Clarify (formally OP3Nvoice): Clarify (formerly OP3Nvoice) makes audio and video searchable.  What Google does for the written word, Clarify does for media files.  Clarify is provided as an API, enabling easy integration with existing systems in small and large organizations. Clarify technology is already embedded in platforms used by tier 1 banks, insurance companies, and telcos, as well as smaller companies in education, healthcare, and human resources.  Clarify’s 2nd generation technology has been in private beta since April. Clarify is an alumnus of TechStars, the Fintech Innovation Lab, and the BBC Media Lab.

Patient IO (Filament Labs)Patient IO helps health professionals create personalized care plans that can be seamlessly delivered to patients outside the clinic. The platform’s mobile care plans enable patient self-care and unlock superior data insights about adherence and patient health outside the clinic. For patients, Patient IO enables doctors to deliver treatment-specific tasks, reminders and educational content directly to patients’ or their caregivers’ smartphones. Patient IO synthesizes multiple care plans from multiple providers into a unified set of daily tasks for the patient. Health professionals can review submitted health information in real-time as patients complete their care plan. Filament Labs is a Techstars Austin ’13 company. Filament’s founders have previous exits to WebMD, Expedia & Rev Worldwide.

 Cloud 9Cloud 9 is innovating mental healthcare. The mind-body connection is essential to overall health for the individual, as well as clinical populations. Our platform supports patients, providers and payers of this vital, yet historically neglected, industry. Patients gain access to care via our intuitively designed mHealth application, which features digital assessments, behavior tracking and on-demand remote video therapy sessions. Providers and payers leverage Cloud 9’s platform to ensure regulatory compliance, improve efficiencies and increase revenue, while our patient generated data creates meaningful alerts so caregivers can deliver more accurate care and improve patient outcomes. Our network structure and escalation routing process is also designed to address the short supply of providers by maximizing both the reach & effectiveness of these high-demand professionals. We’re mobile, we’re social, we’re Cloud 9.

TeVido TeVido BioDevices, LLC uses the innovative process of 3D bio-printing of living human cells for use as implants or grafts targeting use in reconstructive surgery and wound care. TeVido BioDevices uses a simple yet sophisticated approach to produce living tissue products – inkjet printers modified to print cells instead of ink. Our process allows flexibility in the type, size and shape of products manufactured. TeVido is able to deposit materials in exact locations, layer by layer, which results in custom tissue engineered product. The printing process allows TeVido to create microvasculature channels that allow the critical supply of oxygen delivered via blood flow and vascularization, a critical step in wound healing and graft “take” rates. Our focus is with skin and fat cells.

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