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Few sectors impact Texans and the Texas economy more than technology. TEP focuses on issues related to ensuring that innovation can continue to flourish, creating a strong economic environment across multiple industries. We believe that government regulation must work in tandem with private sector priorities to deliver value for all Texans.

Education: An engaged, educated workforce is the key to ensuring Texas maintains its position as an economic leader. The state’s universities, community colleges and secondary education institutions comprise a unique ecosystem to deliver top-rate professionals that continue to deliver innovation that benefits all citizens.

Entrepreneurship: The maverick spirit is alive and well in Texas and is a large part of what makes our state’s economy flourish even in times of economic uncertainty. Innovation can originate from a single individual with a “game changing” concept, one of Texas’ many Fortune 100 companies, a university committed to tech commercialization or our elected officials. With a pro-business environment, Texas is poised to lead the nation in the creation and capitalization of new ideas.

Infrastructure: From mobile app developers in Austin to ranchers in West Texas, business depends on being connected to the Internet anywhere, anytime and through multiple devices. Connectivity depends on a public policy environment that encourages investment in infrastructure and access to the latest technologies.