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Setting the record straight on the “open internet” debate

By:  Chelsea Collier, Senior Advisor for Texans for Economic Progress (TEP)

The Day of Action was designed to raise awareness about the importance of a free and open internet. Advocates on all sides of the debate wrote, tweeted and shared their thoughts on how to ensure continued prosperity for our digital future.

But there are many misconceptions and confusing information that make it difficult to discern what is true. This debate is not about big corporations blocking entrepreneurs. This is about efforts to impose regulations from 80 years ago – called Title II – on the internet, threatening innovation as we know it through regulatory strangulation.  Putting Title II regulations on the internet was part of the last administration’s attempt to gain more control over a changing economic, digital landscape.  There are far superior ways to protect the open internet – something we all agree is very important.

Everything was working fine before the internet was hyper-regulated. Repealing this policy gets us back to the business of innovation and there is no time to waste.

We hope you’ll read beyond the headline hype and learn more about this important issue. Here are a few recent articles to help you get the facts.

Tell Congress to Protect the Internet on The Day of Action,” Huffington Post, July 12, 2017

Regulating the internet like 1930s landline telephones is bad policy,” The Hill, July 12, 2017

Less outrage, more compromise on net neutrality,” Washington Examiner, July 12, 2017

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