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Senior TEP Advisor On How to Maintain Steady State Even During Economic Downturns

Chelsea Collier, Senior Advisor, TEP spoke with the Austin Monitor following an event at hosted by the Austin Tech Alliance and Capital Factory featuring Matthew Dowd and several tech community leaders. The article thoughtfully lays out several perspectives on how local, state and national policy affects the tech community and the overall economy. Collier speaks on the importance of predictability for private sector investment and how Texas’ pro-business policies help the state maintain a steady state even during economic downturns. 


“Predictability is important, and on a local level it’s been hard to know what’s coming next,” said Collier.

“…in that Texas people like to make sure the state has an ‘open for business’ climate. Thankfully we weathered the (2008) downturn fairly well, and Austin has a fairly diversified economy including tech.”



Categories Blog | Tags: | Posted on January 20, 2017