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“Sin Tax” on Wireless Service is Out of Step

by Robert Howden, TEP Chairman. Think about the many ways in which you use your cell phone and wireless connectivity on a daily basis. Would you consider that aspect of your life a luxury or a necessity? If you agreed that your cell phone is an essential part of your daily life, you’re probably among […]

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Austin’s 5 Hottest Tech Meetups
April 25th

Looking to get involved in the tech scene in Austin? In Texas’ capitol city, the tech community has grown far beyond critical mass and it’s easy to meet people by attending meetups. If you’re new to the term, meetups are casual networking opportunities that bring together groups or people with a common interest or skill […]

Ag Tech: An Interview with Robyn Metcalfe
March 14th

Food+City recently hosted the Second Annual Food+City Challenge Prize, an international competition among business start-ups encouraging innovation in the urban food system. Finalists competed for $50,000 plus an incredible package of business start-up products and services. This competition is part of a growing level of excitement around food systems. One of the most dynamic areas for […]

Around the Web: #ATXOutofTouch, Over-Regulation is Weird and That’s Not a Good Thing
March 11th

This past week, TEP’s Chelsea Collier authored a piece for Read on for her recap of the #ATXOutofTouch outcry in response to recent regulatory over-reach by the Austin City Council.   Over Regulation is Weird and That’s Not a Good Thing There has been plenty of attention and activity lately about the sharing economy (Uber, […]

REDEFINING “manufacturing” in a 21st century technology world
March 2nd

At first glance, it seems as though there’s not much good news for the manufacturing industry these days – in Texas, or anywhere else in the U.S.  Today, the Dallas Fed announced that several gauges of Texas manufacturing activity were at their lowest point since the recession. While traditional manufacturing is shrinking, modern manufacturing is powering unprecedented […]

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