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“Sin Tax” on Wireless Service is Out of Step

by Robert Howden, TEP Chairman. Think about the many ways in which you use your cell phone and wireless connectivity on a daily basis. Would you consider that aspect of your life a luxury or a necessity? If you agreed that your cell phone is an essential part of your daily life, you’re probably among […]

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5 Cornerstones of San Antonio’s Tech Community
July 26th

Texas is a hotbed of innovation, with cities like Austin, Dallas and Houston nationally recognized as tech leaders. San Antonio, home of Rackspace and the Techstars cloud accelerator, is also making an impact. We always enjoy our trips to San Antonio to meet with community builders, startup founders, technologists, developers, and everyone who is putting […]

Around the Web: Austin Technology Council forms ATC Policy Coalition, TEP’s Collier named a founding member
June 30th

The Austin Technology Council responded to tech leaders’ call for the tech community to engage in local policy discussions with the creation of the ATC Policy Coalition last week. TEP’s Chelsea Collier was named a founding member of the coalition. Below is an excerpt from the ATC’s announcement of the new initiative.  “In support of […]

Social Notes: TEP convenes San Antonio round-table discussion with Speaker Straus
May 30th

TEP Chairman Robert Howden hosted a reception with Texas Speaker of the House Joe  Straus and San Antonio’s top tech and business leaders who gathered to talk tech + policy + economy + innovation. Pictured here are Speaker Joe Straus, Michael Girdley, Lew Moorman, Marina Alderete, Gavito Wanda, Chandler Rohm, Darryl Byrd, Peter French, Chelsea […]

Around the Web: IoT and Regulatory Issues
May 19th

By: Chelsea McCullough We came across this great article from BuiltInAustin on the Internet of Things (IoT), five challenges the industry faces and who is leading the charge in Austin. Policy is listed at #5 and it’s a good day when thoughtful authors mention regulatory issues as a top concern, which is often overlooked! So, […]

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